The Day-Date 118235 has a stigma of being an old man’s watch because of the fact that it is very expensive and classic dress watch. It will be rarely seen some wearing this watch under the age of at least 40. Among watch enthusiasts, this watch is less popular but among the collectors and aficionados, this model is respected.
Because of ROLEX DAY-DATE 118235 being a dress watch, it is considerably smaller. The dial is 36mm. There were very little cosmetic changes in this watch ever since 1956 when it was first introduced. It has to be admitted that the Day Date 118235 watch are 36mm in diameter but looks pretty big on the wrist, but the dimensions are appropriate for dress attire.
replica de rolex The bracelet of the Rolex Daydate 118235 is among one of the unique features of Rolex Day Date watches. rolex replica datejust swiss It is not noticed by many observers that this type of watches have their bracelets completely different and unique compared to other models of Rolex. It is often called the President’s bracelet.
Over the years many manufacturers have tried outsourcing strategy for various components of the watches for cost reduction and manufacturing efficiency. But in spite of the higher cost Rolex 118235 always have a god control of the designs and manufactured all components under the same roof.

More features of the Rolex Daydate 118235: Automatic Movement, Case Material of the Rose Gold 316L Stainless Steel, Case Diameter of 36mm, watch dial of brown colour, Sapphire crystal and it is a 1:1 AAA High Quality Watch. If you want to save more and get huge deal on the Rolex Daydate 118235, you can make your purchase from credible online replica watches store which you will get quality guarantee and warranty and no tax and satisfied customer service and free shipping.