For the people who love watches, they must hear of such a Swiss watch brand – Rolex. In the watch country Swiss, Rolex even is a leader in the watch industry. Most watches lovers also hope to have a Rolex watch for themselves to as their own symbol. Here we are to talk about the categories of the Rolex watches in the following.

Rolex watch as the leader in Swiss watch brand, its type, model is also relatively more. First, the Rolex Explorer. The watch like the series name, is aimed at those adventurous explorers and the people who have the adventure spirit. It comes with a 24 hour auxiliary needle, of course, the color is marked red, which is convenient and clear to indicate direction. Second, the Rolex Submariner. This watch can reach a depth of 300 meters underwater depth, and it still maintained good waterproof and reached a very professional level, so to speak. Third, Oyster Perpetual type Deepsea wrist watch. What this watch worth mentioning is the high new technology breakthrough of this Rolex series. Moreover, its performance is also very high. Its anti-pressure ability almost can be said to be the leading in the watch industry. Fourth, GMT – Master. Its special point is that it can display the time of two time zones at the same time, isn’t it amazing? Fifth, Daytona. This watch in addition to have the special advantages of the Rolex watches, it also has the small tool to calculate the time for the long-distance car driver, which is an amazing unique function.

The above content are the simple introduction of the Rolex watch categories, and for such more watches series, there must be one for you that can meet your needs on the watches, especially the Rolex Daytona for the outstanding sporty performance.