This is the latest edition in 2014 that was beyond our expectation. As we could knew, the black dial will be ruled out and we could not imagine that Milgauss comes so soon. Once you wear it in your hand, we must say that Z-blue is a very funny Oyster watches. Now let’s go deeper into it.

Rolex MIlgauss blue dial is released in 1956, mainly to satisfy the need from workers and engineers who worked in a magnetic field. As we know, the strong magnetism would infect the precision of the watch, and some components will move, thus causing effect on frequency of movement. hairspring and balance wheel will badly suffer the influence. Therefore, working out a watch that was immune to magnetism was a big challenge. But Rolex faced this challenge and worked out what we knew as Milgauss.

You may ask why Milgauss is named after Z Blue and the reason is that the blue dial is coated with Zironium, a new material that is applied to it. Blue color features this new Milgauss, and thus creates a new a metal sense and could reflect deep blue. When the watch was released at the first time, we really hold our doubt that blue dial, orange second hands and marks, green mirror. Awful combination. But Rolex, a real master, dissipated our worry, or disappointment. The green dial and reflection of blue and orange seems to be a perfect atmosphere.

Z-blue Milgauss means a reasonable 40 mm case, polishing stainless steel (which is waterproof to 100 meters), and really comfortable Oyster bracelet with Easylink buckle. Just like most Rolex watches, it appears to be big but only measures 157 g. In addition to blue, the Milgauss has white marks and hands that are coated with Chromalight, an exclusive material that was developed by Rolex.